Banana Fish: Anime: “Good show goes over the top.”

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Ash Lynx is a gang leader who goes against his original owner. Now, it is an all-out battle between various gangs over a mind-controlling drug called ‘Banana Fish’ while Ash is slowly discovering himself and trying to protect those he loves the most.


I have really mixed opinions about this anime. On one side, the story, action, and drama were very well depicted and got me really engrossed into the anime. On the other side, the anime went over board in its portrayal and it felt as if the characters were over doing every thing.

Starting off, the anime begins with Ash Lynx, a proud, strong, and cute gang leader who has some insane abilities physically and mentally. He has a really terrible past and this anime does not hold back to put forward the message they wish to show. And that is a definite plus point for me. However, that is a warning to people that there is a lot of gore, bad language, and homosexuality portrayed throughout this anime.

Moving on, Ash meets a young Japanese boy named Eiji who he absolutely falls in love with (As a brother. Yes, it is necessary to say this because I too was confused on multiple occasions.). Eiji is someone who created some of my mixed opinions. At times he was an absolute beast who controlled Ash and put him on the right path and made some good decisions. However, there were times where he was just absolutely annoying and it made him a really irritating character to listen to. But, he was definitely necessary throughout the anime to add a lot of emotion.

The anime shows some great, clean fight scenes which make the episode so fun to watch. There is some very light humor and it is an overall dark anime because of some disturbing past experiences of Ash. The anime is a real roller coaster of emotions because on one side there is a lot of anticipation and excitement for fight scenes and drama but there was also a lot of scenes where you end up feeling like crying.

The opening song was okay. It got boring to see the same thing for 24 whole episodes. I would recommend to see this anime as it was very enjoyable and is a good concept. Overall good.


I would give this anime 3.5/5 stars.

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