Your Lie in April: First Impression: “Every scene is a tear held back.”

Hey guys, how’s it going? Rahul here coming in with a brand new blog. Yes, I’m sorry the blogging has been extremely irregular, I have exams going on and its’ been tough finding a good time to blog. I am starting this new thing where I give  unique title to each of my movie’s, TV shows or anime like I did for this one. So, let’s begin.


This anime has been suggested to me countless number of times by various friends but I never got around to it. Finally, after seeing continuous action and sports anime I needed a break and decided to start it and all I can say is that it was one of the best decisions I ever made.

download (2)

Even though I am only a few episodes in, I feel emotionally connected to the anime. Like my title, the anime is so ahead of all the other romance, drama anime, that every scene is like I’m holding back tears of joy or sadness.

download (1)

The anime has a great story line of a pianist who lost his sense of hearing his own playing and some angel has come and finally lit up his world and is slowly bringing him back into music. I must say, the main characters are quite nice. Kosei is a really complicated guy who I will come back to in a second and Kaori is just so full of life and surprises. She is the perfect example of a main character or a good supporting character and brings a lot of difference in the anime.


Coming back to Kosei like I said. He is a really complex middle school boy who has some serious problems. When it comes to family and music, the most important things in his life, they are all falling apart and you can’t help but feel sorry for such a character. I love how the creators have created such an emotional connection with the main character in just the first few episodes and has really just catapulted the whole story to more and more developments every episode.


The opening of the anime is great, really catchy, and fun to listen to. I really like the animation style of the anime. The supporting characters i.e. his friends are also great. My only one complaint would be that the kids are acting way too beyond their age. This is one of the only anime I’ve ever seen where the story is set in middle school and these kids are talking beyond high schoolers as well. Still, a small negative in an ocean of positives.

images (1).jpg

Overall I’m really impressed and can’t wait to see more!

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