Naruto: Shippuden (Ep. 376-450)| Anime| “Painfully good.”

Hey guys, how’s it going? Rahul here coming in with a brand new blog. I hope everyone is having a great, safe, and healthy week. I apologise for not posting last week. No excuses, I was honestly just too lazy and if I miss the weekend I get no time to post during the week. So, let’s begin.


These episodes includes the birth of the ten- tails jinchuriki. As the battle against Obito comes to its’ end, Madara decides to take center stage. As him and Zetsu take back the power they gave Obito, they now are going up against the Shinobi Alliance finally achieve their Infinite Tsukiyomi goal. However, what can the Shinobi alliance do when Madara is already at the level of a God and Infinite Tsukiyomi is already activated?


It took me a really long time to finish these episodes and definitely a roller coaster of emotions went through my mind whilst watching as well. There were times where the show got me so hooked that I would watch 50 episodes on like 3-4 days but then there were times where the show got me so annoyed and bored that I could only bear to watch 1-2 episodes in a week and also had me contemplating dropping the arc as a whole.

Starting off with the main arcs. Safe to say, not only was there fantastic plot and character development for all our beloved characters but there was also some insane action and suspense in these episodes as well. The final battle against Obito was a great one and really had me at the edge of my seat for the majority of it. Seeing Naruto and Sasuke fight side by side is just so heartwarming and it makes the action so much more interesting and mature. The way they managed to entirely change Obito’s thought process and make him go against Madara was something I didn’t expect at all but it makes you realise how good of a person Obito really is at heart and it is only the evils of the worlds that he had to face at a very young age that made him turn evil himself. Further, to see Madara finally decide to take charge and take things into his own hands was when the show really took a turn in terms of power levels and quality of fights. Here I thought no one could possible get stronger than Obito and the fight scenes couldn’t get any better. But the anime definitely proved me wrong in a great way and showed us even more potential in terms of the action and even more development in terms of power, plot, and characters.

As soon as Madara turned into the Ten- Tails Jinchuriki, it felt like no one stood a chance in front of him. His speed, strength, IQ, etc. were all leaps and bounds ahead of everyone else. I mean, the anime took it to the extent where Naruto and Sasuke literally died for some time and we know them to probably be the two strongest characters on the battle field. However, the anime did a great job in using this death to really give the both of them a huge power up as they meet Hagoromo and even learn more about Kaguya, the tailed beasts, and the origin of chakra. But, while this was going on, we witness one of the best fights in anime history. Although short lived, Madara vs Guy was just a spectacle to behold. As Guy opens the 8th gate and fights Madara knowing he’s going to die, you really see how Guy is probably even stronger than all the Hokage. The fight displayed such fantastic animation and action that I was literally in awe for the entire 5-10 minutes that the fight lasted. For Madara to nearly die in his ten-tails form and to be completely dominated by a total Taijutsu user was a fantastic scene. Madara also calls Guy the strongest which is saying a lot considering how many opponents he’s fought over all the years. The end of the battle between Madara and Guy also was a great set up for the entry scene of newly evolved Naruto and Sasuke. This is where we get to see how the battles are going to be on an entirely different level from here on out. And so, I applaud the anime for giving me such a great rush of excitement and joy with these episodes through great, mature plot development, insane action and entry scenes, and even more promise for better action in the future episodes.

However, these episodes were not all praise. After Madara’s Infinite Tsukiyomi plan is actually activated (completely unexpected), the show leaves a lot of suspense as to what Naruto and Sasuke are going to do now without the help of any other Shinobi. Now the issue is with how the anime dealt with this suspense. We are taken into a long filler arc of what is going on in some people’s infinite tsukiyomi dream. And while not all of it was boring, some of it was just so unbearable to watch. The amount the stories were dragged out, boring action, lack of drive and excitement, etc. all resulted in me losing all interest in the show. All the excitement and suspense built up in the main plot arcs were shattered with these fillers. This blog is honestly the only thing that motivated me to finish those episodes because it took me nearly 3 week to finish just 20 episodes of fillers. Naruto does a great job with its’ main plot and character development but does two times worse with their pacing and placement of filler episodes which ruins the whole joy and excitement of the anime. Now, the upcoming arcs have no major filler episodes left (maybe 3 episodes of fillers) and that’s when I’ve excited to see Naruto in its’ full potential. I’ll really be able to see Naruto with its’ pacing, final pushes for plot and character development, and some great action and ending scenes. But yes, if it wasn’t for these fillers, Naruto would probably definitely be in my top 5 favourite anime.

You can really see the quality of animation going up through the episodes which is what makes the fights so much more interesting. The opening and endings are fine. Nothing amazing, although Naruto’s sound track as a whole is probably the best anime sound track ever. I am more excited to see what the anime has in store for me in the upcoming episodes. Overall some good episodes.


I would give these episodes of the anime 3.5/5 stars.

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